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Welcome to TEVA INTERIORS, the place where you’ll get everything you need to unwind in the luxury of your home. This space is guaranteed to help you improve your skills and knowledge of interior decor and design by providing you with tips, tricks, DIY tutorials and much more. Keep your curiosity alive—join our community today!


Hi, I'm Teva,

I'm a full time work-from-home mom of four and entrepreneur. I enjoy transforming seemingly impossible spaces into functional budget friendly oases. Just call me the Dingy to Dainty Diva! Haha. Everything about home renovations, interior design, DIYs and decorating excites me! Oh, I also love food and wine (had to throw that in there), so don't be surprised if you see random posts about the new biodynamic wine I tried on the weekend or the vegan dishes I'm experimenting on with my beloved.



Here you’ll find a selection of my work. Explore my projects to learn more about what I do.