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Hi, I'm Teva I'm a full-time work-from-home mom of four and entrepreneur. I enjoy transforming seemingly impossible spaces into functional budget friendly oases. Just call me the Dingy to Dainty Diva! Haha. Everything about home renovations, interior design, DIYs and decorating excites me! Oh, I also love food, fashion and wine.

I started this journey sharing my home renovation projects, decorating ideas and encouraging others to create a space that they enjoy regardless of how much money they have. I have always had an inclination to home decor since I was a child. My grandmother was a seamstress, and I was only interested in her teaching me how to make doilies for the dressers and hemming the curtains. As a teenager I would always rearrange the furniture around the house and look forward to deep cleaning for Christmas and the New Year. As I got older, I found myself redecorating and refreshing my space biweekly. Yes, that was extra now that I look back at it! I used to go wild in bargain stores to change out my bedding, my curtains, florals, table runners, area rugs etc. When I was moving into our house, I had sooo many beddings and curtains, I had to donate them because there was no way I was bringing all that clutter with me.

Even though all my friends and family always told me how good of an eye I had for design and often consulted with me for their own home decor and renovation ideas, I still kept saying I am a Jane of all trades and master of none. So while I felt like I could be anything I wanted to be, I still thought I had no special God-given talent like other people. It wasn't until I started sharing my home renovation projects on Instagram that I started to realize that I truly had a talent and that I wanted to continue to share it with others. My superpower is to make inexpensive things look high end...not just home decor but my whole lifestyle epitomizes that, even the way I dress and the way I plated the food in our food service business.


Designing our restaurant business in 2016 and renovating our first home were two of my most loved projects to date. Today, I create e-designs for people who are eager to refresh their space but feel intimidated by design concepts and sourcing the right pieces to create a cohesive look. I also consult with new business owners to create a functional space. I am a certified project manager and expert e-designer, equipped and ready to take the overwhelm and stress out of your design project. 

I hope you’ll join the Teva Interiors community. I am super excited to start working with you.


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